Christmas Sewing

I made a lot of the gifts I gave this year!! It was so fun and I was pretty excited to have been so organized about it. I started November 1 with my gift sewing and was done a week or so before Christmas. There was no frantic Christmas Eve sewing, like in years past. I'm pretty darn proud of myself. :)

I made these bean bag sets for all of the little ones. This one is for William. I used actual beans and wool scraps to stuff the bean bags. William really likes shapes, so this one is shape-themed.
Because of the appliqued shapes on the inside of the bag, when it's laid flat it's like a target you can play a tossing game on.

Then you pull the string, and it's a storage bag, too! I used the helicopter fabric for William.

This bird-themed set is for Audrey.

Birdie fabric on the outside.

and a fish-themed one for Aldous. I was avoiding buying any supplies to make these gifts, so I just used what fabrics I had. I didn't have a lot of fabric with fish on it, so I chose one with sea colors and shapes (the paisley), bubbles, and a mermaid.

I used the "bubbles" flannel for the outside.

All three, from the top!

I also made a bag for Audrey's alphabet blocks.

it matches her bean bag set.

I made this awesome pullover for Doug from some great knit I got at Golden D'or at their Black Friday sale. It's so thick and soft! I used the Kwik Sew 3299 men's tee pattern, with the option for a self-fabric neck band. Doug models it here, in this blog post from Christmas.

Close-up of the double-needle hems on the sleeves and hem.

For the men and boys, I whipped up a bunch of the flannel pj pants. I used drawstring elastic in these, to insure a proper fit on those guys I couldn't measure. These are shown in the Drawcord Elastic Tutorial I posted last week.

Rice socks galore!!! These purple beauties were made for William's teachers.

And these for family and friends. The shark one is William's and he just LOVES it! I heat it up and he drapes it across himself. I blogged all about these here.

I made a billion scarves, too!!! I found a cool t-shirt scarf tutorial and changed it up a bit to make these super cool scarves from my knit scraps.

The black and grey scarf. I wonder if I should dress my dress form to model scarves?

A pink scarf!!

a second pink scarf!!...these were so cute!! I may make another.

red and green scarf!!! I blogged about this and the next a while back, when I had first learned to do this, with a link to the original tutorial.

The fancy red and green scarf. I love the scraps I used on this one...so pretty!!!

and a couple of nifty wool scrap leaf scarfs!! These were fun!!! These were inspired by a scarf pattern the book Sewing Green, that I got for my birthday.

I made up some fleece socks, too, but didn't photograph the mound of them. Here are some with two pairs of nice yoga pants I made, also with drawstring elastic waists. These are the Green Pepper #527 fleece sock pattern, the older one. I love it, but I saw recently that they have a different one out.

here are the ones I made for Terah, Amanda and Emily.

WHEW!!! and that's not all of the sewing I did this year, either. I made EIGHT Christmas stockings and 14 gnomes. Gnomes are blogged about here, and a free pattern here!

I'm already planning for next year!!


BonnieT said...

what happened to the partridge in a pear tree?

Mrs. Bianca said...

I LOVE that bean bag set. I'm off to find a tutorial. If not, can you give me a general idea at our next craft night?

Jacki said...

Bianca, I made it up, but was thinking of doing a tutorial but wasn't sure if it would be well-received.

meshell said...

Wow, I'm so impressed! I didn't make nearly as many gifts as I had originally planned. Love the idea of the bean bag set with the drawstring bag!

Oh and I adore my scarf! I've gotten tons of compliments on it. <3


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