Dinopants and Mittens!!

Today I made these cute dinosaur underpants!!!

Back side All the seams are top-stitched so they're totally flat inside. No lumps!!

And no scratchy tag, either, to mark the back..Just some blue stitches.

William's hands have been freezing in the mornings so I whipped up some mittens for him tonight. Pretty easy, but I took longer on them then necessary, b/c Doug came home in between the cutting out and construction. Rags was determined to get in the pic of them, too!

They're wool outside, furry blue fleece inside, with a ribbing cuff.
The elastic inside will be where his wrist actually is, with the ribbing part going up a little further, under his coat sleeve. I always hated too-short mittens when I was a kid and would put tube socks under them so my wrists/forearms wouldn't get cold. I hope he likes these!

I've been super busy making things for my etsy store lately. I listed a bunch of extra stuff I had at sale prices, and made a ton of tiny little kimonos. They are pretty cute!!! I took a sewing pattern I had for a more complicated one and simplified it quite a bit to make something I could put together quickly. My sewing pattern was super-complicated, and while the kimonos looked great, they took so long I'd have to charge $40 each for them!!! I hope the new ones will strike a happy medium! We'll see, as I've not sold any yet!

I am also considering making some children's aprons and fleece socks for my etsy store, as well. They've been popular with my friends, so maybe other people will like them, too!

Ok, off to bed with me!! Brrr, it's cold and my flannel sheets will feel awesome!!

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Krisinda said...

That owl material on the kimonos is adorable!!!


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