Crafty Day!!! Knit Fabric Scrap Scarf Tutorial

Typically, I hate crafts. I LOVE apparel design and construction, and I like to paint. I also love drawing, which gets used a ton in both of those endeavors, but crafting??? No way!! I hate painting little do-dads, hot-gluing, putting on beads and sequins, cutting up stuff, etc...uggg....boring!!!

But, today, a terrible thing happened. Doug had used up all the disposable diapers, and tho I had told him last week that we were nearly out and I had to order Monday, he forgot. BOO!!! And so he happily used them all, forgetting that I needed six today to go with William to Kidztime.

With William home all day, I can pretty much expect to do no sewing. Maybe a little something during his nap time, but nothing as great as I usually get in on Monday sewing day. To say I was disappointed with this turn of events would be an understatement. Then, I find out that there is no sewing lounge tonight at CityCraft. BOO BOO!!! I had tried to console myself with going there for a few hours to sew tonight, but NOPE!!! Crappy, crappy day.

So I did a craft!! What else to do when the day already sucks??
I saw a tutorial for making scarves out of tee shirts that looked pretty easy so I shared it on Facebook.

I had just sacked up a whole bunch of tees and other knit shirts (maternity!!) to send to Goodwill, so I got those all out again. Lots of colors to choose from!!

I went with red and green for the first one. The tutorial mentioned a lack of fullness so I decided I would double up on my squares and do a double layer rather than the single layer she did. I figured it could go one of two ways: Either it would be too heavy and just hang there limply, OR it would be much fuller and glamorous-looking!!! These are 4" squares, btw.

So I pinned all these together, 40 pairs of them, although the blog author suggest something like 56 to 64, in a single layer? I did 80 in a double layers...whatever, stupid crafts.

Here's the whole long snakey piece.

and then zigzagged together with red thread.

I tossed it in the dryer w/ a damp load to fluff it up a bit. I LIKE it!! pretty neat!

While I was out in garage liberating my scarf from the dryer, William tried to take Aldous' clothes off. He ran into trouble at the feet, though and didn't know how to get the cuffs over his shoes. Ha ha!!!

Crawling by. Yes that's a disposable. It's diaper-washing day. William is wearing prefolds with a snappy and a wool soaker...ha ha!

Ok, so after I made the first one, I realized that instead of cutting up all of those tees, I could just use the scraps in my knit scrap bin. It's quite full, and has lots of nifty scraps. However, this DOES take longer than using a shirt. You have to dig around in the bin, and b/c the pieces are already small, you can't cut very many at a time, then you have to organize the placement, etc.

I love this one, and I'm going to stop cutting up those shirts and put them back into the goodwill bag. :)


Dina said...

I love the 2nd one too!! very cute!

LOL at Aldous with the clothes dragging behind him!!

Mrs. Bianca said...

That 2nd one is fabulous! Did you use 80 again?

Michelle said...

So festive! Love them!

Jacki said...

Bianca: on the second one I used 82, b/c I miscounted while cutting. It's tricky!! I was at the table w/ the boys cutting while they ate their lunch. ha ha!!

Bettina said...

Very cute!


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