Gnome-a-licious!! plus pattern!

Most of the remaining gnomes.

I got all the wooden parts at Woodworks, ltd

Ingredients for crafting little gnomes, ala Macaroni & Cheese

1. Wool felt or scraps (or there is some AWESOME bamboo felt at CityCraft) don't use acrylic, it gets pilly and stuff sticks to it. It's gross.

2. Peg People. I chose the largest peg people I could find, to avoid creating choking hazards for Aldous. That's what the pattern is sized for. 3-9/16" Male, 3-1/2" Female (Doll)

3. Wood glue and a brush

4. Embroidery floss and needle, scissors

Steps for making gnomes!!!

Trace your pattern, or cut it out.
Cut out your wool shapes
Do all of the sewing and embroidery according to the pattern markings
Glue on the hat and the body
Sew on the cloak according to the pattern markings (more instructions on the pattern)
Line up in dramatic lighting all over your house and take pictures of them.
Start a flickr pool for wooden peg gnomes

Click to view and save. If you enlarge this to standard page size, it's correct. :) I would just save it, then insert it as a pic in Word, but that's just me.



CityCraft Callie said...

Thanks for the shout out, miss thang! I bragged on you tonight during our retro apron class: "One day, girls, you will be sewing up sweaters that look like they're out of a J.Crew catalog, just like Jacki!"

Jacki said...

I meant to link it yesterday, but I got it today! Their aprons turned out great!! They could totally sew up a sweater now, it's so easy!


Wild Horse Ranch said...

super cute! the boys dont know it yet, but they are decorating, baking and crafting til christmas!!

Goosegirl said...

Oh Jacki, these little gnomes are soooooo cute!!!
Thanks for the pattern!


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