There's Gno Business Like Gnome Business!!

Let it gnome, let it gnome, let it gnome!!

I made up this herd of gnomes for the little ones this Christmas. My friend Hani told me about a place in Fort Worth that ships these pegs, and they're pretty cheap if you buy a lot of them.
I bought 10 of each shape...I *think* the wide one is supposed to be a female, but I dressed them all the same, anyway.

I used some of my never-ending wool scraps, and embroidery floss. And some wood glue.

I worked on these six for three hours last night, then three hours today, so I'd say they take about an hour apiece, to make.



Dina said...

I adore those!!! nice job :)

meshell said...

So cute! I'm jealous of all your wool scraps. I keep seeing projects made with felted wool and wishing I had some.

Jacki said...

I keep trying to find crafts to use up my scraps, but crafts are SLOW. I may well be using these scraps for the rest of my life.

Jamie McLaughlin said...

Oh fun!!! Those are so cute

Wild Horse Ranch said...

soooo cute!! i think i'm going to have the boys work on projects like this when they are home from school all those days!!


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