Merry Christmas, 2009

Look Santa came!!!

Everyone was up/here by 7am for cinnamon rolls, bacon, orange juice and coffee!! Amanda chose the Christmas breakfast this year.

William saw his rocket tent from the balcony in the bedroom and couldn't wait to get down to it.
He ran past me so quickly once we were down, I couldn't snap a pic until he was inside!!

Aldous went right for the baby!!!

Playing peek-a-boo with William

Aww, new baby!!

Audrey is awake a little earlier than usual.

William took a couple gifts in the tent with him.

Aldous wanted this one, since it had his name on it.

Audrey's first Christmas!!

What a chipper group, this Christmas morn!

William cheerfully passes out the presents.

Amanda is hoping this package is a phone.

What?? a Paul Frank Julius rice sock?? Holy cow!!

Audrey's first gift. Awww!

WHOOP!!! WHOOP!!! WHOOP!!! No more hand built Razrs from the Razr grave yard! No more duct tape!!

OOOh, a snuggie!! with a book light!

This is candy, you say??

Ha ha, the Cake Wrecks book...this is so funny!!! We all took turns with this, it's awesome!!

OOOh, Doug got his wish!! a fancy book light so he can read in bed!

a fab new coat!! Can you believe this color??

And someone made Doug this awesome sweater!!

What??? DISHES??? hurray!!!

Terah Fancy Pants

More fun with food.

This is so much fun, I can't stand it!!

Look at the blizzard, guys!!

After I had a nap with Audrey and Aldous, we had a nice dinner. Emily chose lasagna, and we had salad with birthday dressing, and rolls. Delicious!! Then both boys took a nap. :)

Merry Christmas!!


Dina said...

what a great morning! another phone for AManda??? seriously??? LOL

I love the tent :)

Stacie said...

yay! looks like yall had a fun christmas. <3

Debbie said...

Fun Christmas, and an Awesome tent. Would you care to Tute that. I'd love to know and know many other mamas who'd love to know also. Would you let me kow if you do?

Jacki said...

for the tent, Debbie? It's from Bazoongi Kids.


I don't make EVERYTHING! ;) Thanks for the vote of confidence, tho.


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