Our Valentine's Day, 2011: Food, Favors, and Fun!

On St. Valentine's Eve, I worked on assembling the Valentine's Day treats for William's class.
I'll be glad when he can write, as this part is rather tedious.

I put the crayons I had made into fancy ziplocks and labeled them, so the kids didn't eat them. I'm pretty sure none of them can read, tho. Make crayons for yourself, here!

I made a lot of gummis: 5 flavors! How to make gummis?

I decorated and labeled the little gummy heart bags.

Look how pretty these are!

A gazillion bags lined up! I put the crayons, the gummis, and a couple of stickers in each one.

The teachers got chocolates and my homemade orange marmalade

I labeled that, too.

All the bags are all ready to go!

The class party, with all the very full Valentine's bags lined up.

For dinner I cooked a couple of steaks. I love this iron skillet method: oil and season room-temp steak on both sides, heat iron skillet on high, brown for 30secs on each side, then put in a 450F oven for 3 minutes on each side. SO GOOD!! (and easy, which is the important part, really)

Doug brought me these pretty flowers.

We had this Winking Owl. I'm a huge fan of this wine. I can't believe how good it is, and the PRICE! holy crap, $3 a bottle. ha ha!

The boys had this romantic feast.

I set the table casually, with this in the middle.

This is our dinner: steaks, cauliflower and peas sabji (yesterday's Monday Recipe), and the 40 Minute Buns. I had a batch of the rolls in the freezer, so I just thawed and warmed what we needed. PERFECT!.

My flowers a week later.

Doug and I proclaimed this the best Valentine's Day, ever!

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