A Monday Recipe: Cauliflower and Peas Sabji

This is one of my favorite side dishes and is pretty easy to make.

 4T oil or ghee (you can use less oil, but you'll have to add water periodically throughout the cooking process)
1t mustard seeds
2 heads of cauliflower, cut into small florets
1/2t hing
2t minced jalapeno
2t ginger, minced
1t chili powder
1/2t turmeric
2T ground coriander
salt to taste
2c frozen peas

I like to get all the ingredients together for Indian dishes in the order they'll be used, so I've got the mustard seeds in one dish, the cauliflower in a bowl, the hing, and the rest of the ingredients, except peas, in the bowl in the front.

Heat the oil in a heavy pot, and add mustard seeds. Cover, and when the seeds crackle, add the cauliflower and hing.

After a minute or two, add the remaining ingredients (except the peas). Stir well, turn heat to medium high, and cook covered until the cauliflower is nearly done.

Add the peas, cover and cook another minute or two, the remove from heat. Cover and let sit at least 5 or until your other dishes are done. The moisture released from the frozen peas will deglaze the bottom of the pan when you stir later, so be sure and cover and let sit for that 5 minutes.

Stir and serve! Look how lovely this is! MMMM!!!

So yummmy!! I served this side dish with our Valentine's Day meal, which I will tell you about later this week.
Happy Monday!!

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