Clothespins Circles at Anthropologie

I saw the window display at Anthropologie early February and it just blew me away! It was so beautiful and colorful!

These are all clothes pins!!

 Can you believe this? It's incredible!!

I really wish someone would author a blog about how to do make the crafts Anthropologie uses for props!

THIS was incredible! a clothespins fans mermaid! all in orange and off-white! It was like a oceanic dreamsicle! AHH!!!
I'm determined to figure out how to make those huge circles: I'm thinking wire armature, disassembling some clothespins, gluing them together spray painting, etc. What's cool is that there are three different kinds of circles made with the clothespins, too. *sigh* I love Anthropologie!


momtofatdogs said...

Just an idea, but stretch out a wire coat hanger into a circle & start clipping them on - ends out - and see what it look like! Cheap & easy first. Though , if you got it to work like that, wouldn't it be cute to use MINI-clothespins & make a photo frame??? You get out more than me, I don't even know where one of those shops is!

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