Fab Estate Sale finds!!

My plan this morning was to check out the .99 store on the corner of Carroll and Live Oak that I'd seen yesterday. And, I did that, got some great deals: 2pr nylon running socks $1, cool outer space party decorations for William's birthday, some fancy dryer sheets, balloon ribbon and rice (some of those were actually on my list). Some other cool stuff I saw there: random colors of plain baby bodysuits, tamarind juice boxes, and a gazillion flavors of vinegar. Plus other stuff...It was pretty awesome, and had I not gone to this estate sale, this blog post would be about that store.

But, I DID go to this estate sale, and it totally changed my day.
Here's how it all went down. I'm planning to go to the .99 store, making some chicken in the crock pot, drinking my coffee, etc, when I notice Kat is blowing up my phone w/ calls and txt msgs full of pics of an estate sale she's at where there is ton of sewing stuff. she sends my pics of fabric. I call her up, get the low-down, (and the address) and head out there to see for myself. With $13 cash.

Here's what I bought..

There was a closet full of vintage 60s and 70s fabrics, but I'm low on storage space (and time for sewing) so I looked for the best stuff. I chose this: 3.5 yds of cotton terry printed w/ this funky flower design. I have no idea how much this is

another find: a bag of embroidery hoops. I do like these metal ones w/ springs b/c I can get the hoop super tight and they don't work their way loose as easy as the wooden or plastic. You don't want to use metal on a really extensive project b/c if it rusts from humidity, it can mark your fabric. All of my embroidery projects are very fast, so these are perfect. Marked $1.

There were a ton of "my" vintage of patterns, and I had a stack, but I put some down. You'll see why in a minute. There was no sign with prices for these, either, so I wasn't sure of the price. Check out the mens' shirts! This is Doug's size, too, SCORE! I never pass up a 50s/60s Vogue.

I got this bag of elastic. I don't know how much it was. I'm sure it was cheap.

Check all this out!! I never pass up elastic because I use so much.  They had rick rack and bias tape binding for .25/pkg, but I thought that was too expensive. same price each for the zippers. I can buy NEW zippers for .25 each at Golden D'or. ptttthh.

Y'all buy your elastic from Sears, right?

I liked this lot. It was in a bag marked .25, and while I KNEW meant .25/each since that's how the other bags were marked, I said to the seller "come on, you know no one else will buy this crap". So, she sold it to me for .75. *wink* it has a bunch of lint brushes and pencils, a 6pc hem clip set w/ china marker, generally a bunch of fun stuff.  I was especially excited about the white plastic rings, as I've been wanting to try my hand at thread buttons.

There was also this. I don't have a Singer Buttonholer to use them on, tho.

And, now, the pièce de résistance! A 1960s Lutterloh The Golden Rule book. It wasn't marked for price and I was thinking "man, I only have $13." but, I went to ask the price anyway, expecting her to say $25 or something even more out of my range. She said "That's $2". I stood there trying to comprehend the price, and she must have thought I thought it was too expensive, so she said "but it's 25% off today". Holy shit. so with my crazy bad math, I thought I was paying $1.75, but it was $1.50. ***** $1.50******

It's pristine. Everything is here: the fancy ruler, the gauged measuring tape. Even the Styrofoam it was packed in to ship.

There are a gazillion patterns in here. 362 actually, including patterns for men and kids.

The men's robe is hysterical. Check out the model (click the pic). He's at the beach with a tiny juice cup and a piece of pbj on white? where the heck are his pants?

Perhaps this is under his robe? *giggle* I want to make one of these for Doug.

A few of the kids patterns. There isn't a "kid" section or "men" section: it's divided by style.

More men with too-short pants. And, the guy in the upper right is smoking. SMOKING!!!

I totally love the blouse on the bottom. I love blouses.

The back section of the book has all of the diagrams for drafting the patterns. This looks a little nutty, but there are explicit directions and a special ruler and tape measure for drawing these out to your size. Not that I've tried it yet, but it didn't look all that difficult.

When I was digging through the patterns at the sale, I found this. And I knew that no one had the supplements without having the book....so, knowing this was the second day of the sale, I put down the patterns and started digging around in the sewing books and magazines nearby. When I saw the red book, my heart stopped. I couldn't catch my breath. It took me a moment or two to compose myself and start trying to figure out the price.

so, I'm relaxing at home, basking in the warmth only a true bargain can give.....The whole shebang, including my book, was $7.50. You can't beat that with a stick.


Valerie @CharmedValerie said...

OMG!!! Awesome finds!

Mrs. Bianca said...

That's so amazing! I can't wait to see what you make with it. Fabulous!!!

Julia said...

That is just an AMAZING haul. I find this so appealing, but then I can't imagine stalking estate sales just to happen to find the ones with sewing stuff. You may just be convincing me it is worth checking out, though. FABULOUS.


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