Fast Food for Thought

I don't know what it's like at everyone else's McDonald's, but in Commerce, Texas if you order a Happy Meal, the clerk will immediately ask you "boy or girl?". Of course, the question is in reference to the toy, asking whether you would prefer a toy for a girl or a boy. But what I can't figure out is why they don't ask which toy the child would prefer. I mean, do they OFFER a toy in their Happy Meal which requires a penis for operation? It doesn't seem likely.

I've complained to them about this before, but usually to blank stares by the teenager working the register. They don't get it. But it REALLY annoys me!! What if they ask the sex of my child, I answer, and then my child is upset because he/she was given a toy they don't prefer?
After all this pondering in the drive-through line at McDonald's tonight, when asked "boy or girl", I said "Either is great!!" and William got some sort of animal on a surfboard, riding a wave, from the movie "Surf's Up!"in his Happy Meal. So far, his genitalia has not altered, so they MUST have given him the "boy" toy.


Amanda Again: Birthday Shenanigans.

We celebrated Amanda's 19th birthday on Sunday!! For her birthday I made her a cool bag in "lifeguard colors" (as she calls them) with a monogrammed appliquéd towel. The towel was hard to make, surprisingly! I had no idea how hard it would be to appliqué terry! William helped a lot, as always, with the sewing.


Let's Blow this Pop Stand!

William figured out how to climb up the gate today. He stayed only a few seconds I'm guessing because that skinny bar didn't feel that great on bare feet.


All About Amanda

My Amanda is a senior this year!!! I can't believe it!! Each year our church has a day where the high school seniors in the congregation are recognized and given a bible and a gift. Here is Amanda at the Senior Breakfast before the service, with our pastor, Jim Goodwin.

Mother's Day Festivities

I got these beautiful flowers earlier in the week from my MIL, who didn't know I was having a terrible day, but somehow they managed to come RIGHT in the middle of it, and really lifted my spirits!!!

Disposable Diapers

We have not ever used these on William, as we prefer to not put chemicals on his genitals, buy items made from non-renewable resources (petroleum based products), add non-biodegradable trash to the landfill, and also avoid having bio-hazardous waste leaching into the ground water from said landfill...gross!

The Final Day in Vegas: WHEW!!!

Thursday, the final day! Well, half day! William and spent the morning packing, had the bellman take our luggage downstairs, the we went off for lunch to the House of Blues. Our food was yummy, and William drank a gallon of iced tea. Unsweetened, of course.


WOOT! Day 5, Vegas!!

William and I stayed in most of this day, except to venture out for more fast food meals. WOOT!
Doug nicely refilled our cooler with fresh ice, and William, even MORE nicely, emptied it for me!!

Vegas, Day 4!! The party continues to ROCK!!!

Ok, I'm EXHAUSTED!!! And I was up all night because the one nice restaurant we went to made me sick! Yeah!!! Maybe there is a chance for another "real" meal, rather than another fast food sandwich in the cards for me. The food wasn't even that good, to begin with ....blech!

Anyway, with my bleary head and no energy, we headed out on an adventure that started at the MGM Grand with a lion exhibit. There were huge crowds so it was hard to get close to see, but it was cool, nonetheless. William liked it!

Vegas, Day 3

The third day we had a little time in the morning to explore, so we went on a walk. First we explored the hotel grounds and found this pretty little area with swans. Or as Amanda says "those BIG birds!"


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