The Final Day in Vegas: WHEW!!!

Thursday, the final day! Well, half day! William and spent the morning packing, had the bellman take our luggage downstairs, the we went off for lunch to the House of Blues. Our food was yummy, and William drank a gallon of iced tea. Unsweetened, of course.

Here is William inside the restaurant, wondering where his food might be.

And another pic, useless in this narrative, but added just because it's so darn cute!

After our yummy lunch we wandered around a bit, but then finally settled down to wait for Doug outside of the convention area. It was pretty boring.
Here is William wishing for death to relieve the tedium of the wait.

A pic of our supplies for surviving the wait on the Group W bench (Alice's Restaurant?):
candy, pacifier, sippy cup, every kid book we own.....

Miraculously, we did survive. Doug arrived and we went on our way to the airport and then home. My own bed felt SO nice!!!

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