Vegas, Day 4!! The party continues to ROCK!!!

Ok, I'm EXHAUSTED!!! And I was up all night because the one nice restaurant we went to made me sick! Yeah!!! Maybe there is a chance for another "real" meal, rather than another fast food sandwich in the cards for me. The food wasn't even that good, to begin with ....blech!

Anyway, with my bleary head and no energy, we headed out on an adventure that started at the MGM Grand with a lion exhibit. There were huge crowds so it was hard to get close to see, but it was cool, nonetheless. William liked it!

Next was our monorail adventure! The monorail was WAY fun! It runs from nearly one end of the strip all the way to the other. We got a one day pass and William was FREE!!!

Our first stop was the Flamingo Hotel! It was SO cool and William and I both liked this one a lot. This is the walkway between the monorail and the hotel.

The big thing to see at the Flamingo are the flamingos!!! The have a habitat with different kinds of ducks and water birds, as well as the flamingos. It was really pretty!

Pretty waterfalls!

William enjoying the waterfalls.

We got a stranger to take a pic of William and I in front of the sign. William was THRILLED!!!

Interesting (I thought) view of the Flamingo Hotel from the elevator to the Caesar's Palace walkway.

This is the view of Caesar's Palace as you enter from the Flamingo Walkway. All the concrete there made it very hot, so I wasn't thrilled! It was very pretty though!

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