Disposable Diapers

We have not ever used these on William, as we prefer to not put chemicals on his genitals, buy items made from non-renewable resources (petroleum based products), add non-biodegradable trash to the landfill, and also avoid having bio-hazardous waste leaching into the ground water from said landfill...gross!

BUT on the Vegas trip, there was NO HOPE of finding laundry facilities convenient to where we were staying. We bought a pack of 7th Generation disposable diapers. The only thing they don't have is bleached filling in them? Who cares after swaddling your baby's bottom in plastic-covered chemical gel?

We weren't impressed, to say the least. Disposables are not terribly absorbent, not like what we're used to with thick fluffy cloth diapers.

I wrote the following rant about their use that my friend used on her cloth diapering blog. She owns a store that sells cloth diapering supplies, and also has a diaper service!

"Ok, I have to say that disposables are just GROSS!!! When you open the diaper to change even a WET one, it smells like dirty cootchie, and the POOP ones! OMG! It's terrible to try to get the poo off and into the toilet! ACCKK!

I NEVER get poop on me with cloth and I've gotten poop on me EVERY freaking day trying to dump the poo! Now I know why 'sposie users are afraid of the cloth poop rinsing/dumping. Let me tell you, cloth is easier: the poop mostly just rolls off into the toilet. NOT SO with the disposables. GROSSS!!!!

And the pee wet diapers are strangely squishy like those stress balls?? It's makes me throw up just a little....
Also those wipes are terrible: they are so smooth you have to use a like a whole tree's worth just to clean one poo!

I think disposables are not for me..."

While I was grossed out by having to deal with all that poop, I have to admit that I know most disposable diaper users actually don't flush poop down the toilet as the package directs; they put the diaper, poop and all, into the trash, and therefore, the landfill. So when it rains, all the disposable items in the landfill (not just diapers, ladies!!!) make a lovely tea which nicely contaminates our ground water.
Pretty picture, huh?

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