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I don't know what it's like at everyone else's McDonald's, but in Commerce, Texas if you order a Happy Meal, the clerk will immediately ask you "boy or girl?". Of course, the question is in reference to the toy, asking whether you would prefer a toy for a girl or a boy. But what I can't figure out is why they don't ask which toy the child would prefer. I mean, do they OFFER a toy in their Happy Meal which requires a penis for operation? It doesn't seem likely.

I've complained to them about this before, but usually to blank stares by the teenager working the register. They don't get it. But it REALLY annoys me!! What if they ask the sex of my child, I answer, and then my child is upset because he/she was given a toy they don't prefer?
After all this pondering in the drive-through line at McDonald's tonight, when asked "boy or girl", I said "Either is great!!" and William got some sort of animal on a surfboard, riding a wave, from the movie "Surf's Up!"in his Happy Meal. So far, his genitalia has not altered, so they MUST have given him the "boy" toy.

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njgmom11 said...

I know...I take Cheyenne to McD's or BK and just ask what toys they have,then she picks.Invaribly it's the "boy" toy. No "boy or girl" needed,thank you. Love your pictures by the way.


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