Amanda Again: Birthday Shenanigans.

We celebrated Amanda's 19th birthday on Sunday!! For her birthday I made her a cool bag in "lifeguard colors" (as she calls them) with a monogrammed appliquéd towel. The towel was hard to make, surprisingly! I had no idea how hard it would be to appliqué terry! William helped a lot, as always, with the sewing.

For her birthday meal, Amanda requested pizza and Sonic drinks. :) It was SO easy. She also wanted a chocolate cake. Here is a yummy cake demonstrating my FABULOUS cake-decorating skills. Ok, not so fab, but REALLY YUMMY!!!

Amanda blowing out her candles!!! Although, doesn't it look like DOUG is doing the blowing???

Creatively angled pic that Doug took.

Yet another piece of "art" by Doug.

William, with a face full of pizza, waits for his cake!

After that, we all took naps!!!

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Dawn Endres said...

Happy Birthday Amanda! Looks like you had a great birthday! The cake looks yummy!


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