Christmas Gift: Pretty Napkins

When I saw this fabric,  I **knew** what I wanted to do with it, and saved it JUST for these. I am sad, a bit, that I didn't have enough to make a set for myself, but really, I have plenty of cloth napkins...we use them every day.

So I made a couple of sets with these birds and plants. The print was sort of like a colored wood-block print. Neat!

All ironed and folded.

And then I had these fancy floral prints..the prints were larger than usual (I should have added something for scale) in a beautiful sage and cream. So pretty!

All ironed and folded.  I **almost** made grocery bags from this fabric, and now that I see the napkins I'm glad I didn't.

I love these.

I really enjoyed making these special napkins...working with the pretty fabric is a bit more enjoyable than the making of the serviceable napkins I made for our family, ha ha! I will miss my pretty fabric, tho (yes, I'm a bit crazy)

Happy new year!!


Jennifer said...

Those are beautiful!

Katharine said...

How neat, I made cloth serviettes for my family this year to start our collection. How did you finish the edges? Are they rolled hems? What is your usual dimension size? I bought fabric for mine and later read on blogs that most are 17" square, which my fabric yielded 3 napkins. DH prefers the small ones I made, like the size of a folded paper serviette. My edge finishing can be dodgy so I made double sided turned and stitched ones.

Katharine said...
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Jacki said...

Hi, Katharine! Yes, they are rolled hems. On larger width fabric, I divide a yard by four. I also do that with narrower cotton prints, too. So far, no napkin-size police have been to my house and we all manage to wipe our mouths sufficiently with whatever size they are. I have another post about napkins on here, too, when I first made them. As for the rolled hem, do NOT use woolly nylon in your serger to do rolled hems on these because it melts when ironed. If I'm having guests, I might be tempted to iron a set. ;) Thanks for stopping by, and for your comments!

Karri said...

Lovely! French napkins are generally larger in size. So just say they're French. Voila!

Katharine said...

Jacki, thanks for replying! *Chuckle* no napkin-size police... Thanks for the tip on not using wooly nylon. I too wouldn't iron unless for guests, and more likely a special occasion with guests at that! Tomorrow the biannual sales start in Belgium, I'll be on the lookout for contenders to green my table thanks to your napkin notes. Cheers.

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