Wrap Pants Sew-Along, v3: Cutting out!!

Ok!!!Here's the next step!! Cutting out!! How is everyone doing?? Any trouble with the measuring?
I hope not! If you have any problems, let me know!!
Now that you've figured out your measurements, it's time to cut it out!! Hooray!!

Fold your fabric so the selvages are on the left and right. The selvages are the machine finished edges. At the top or bottom will be the fold, and at the other end will be the cut edge. I have my fold at the top, here, and the cut edge at the bottom. Clicking the pics enlarges them so you can look at them more closely if you need to.

I noticed that I had a LOT of fabric on either side of my pattern, so I refolded it so my leftovers were in one big piece. If this is confusing to you, leave it the way it is above, and skip to **

I folded my pattern in half, then folded the fabric again, from the selvage toward the middle so it was JUST wide enough to fit the pattern. Again, click to see the picture larger. Notice how much fabric is left below the pattern? That's more than enough to make ties, AND have a big scrap for another project. Waste not, want not!

** Pin and cut out, using scissors or a rotary cutter. I used a rotary cutter and my small mat so I could work downstairs and keep an eye on my kids. Also, I was baking and doing laundry so I needed to closer to my other work.

Here it is, as I cut it out.

If you left your fabric only folded once, this is what yours looks like. My fabric looks the same on both sides, so I will designate the back sides of the fabric by marking them with a colored pencil.

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