Christmas Crackers..nearly a tutorial

I make these every year! they're so fun!

I keep a "kit" , so to speak, of cracker-making stuff...pretty tissue paper, cracker snaps, and neat stuff to put  in them, plus toilet paper tubes.

this year I made paper crowns, using the instructions HERE. I hadn't made them before and they were a fun addition to our crackers.

I took advantage of the neat edges of this tissue paper. I get all of my cool tissue paper from Dollar Tree and the .99 Cents Only Store.

I printed out some holiday riddles..I cut these in strips then fold them small.

I covered this years in Christmas wrapping paper. Apparently I buy a lot of wrapping paper each year, because there was quite the surplus this year. And, I bought two more rolls, and Doug, fearing we didn't have enough, bought two more rolls. Hopefully, I will remember next year that we don't need any.

The paper needs to be about as long as three toilet paper tubes in a row, or at least as long as the cracker snap (12 inches) and wide enough to go around. (6 inches). Glue the snaps in after you get all your paper cut. In the middle is a thicker place where two pieces of the snap come together with glue and gun powder. Put a dot of glue on either side of that and glue to the inside of the tube.

I run a bead of glue along the longest edge and roll it up around the tube.

While all of that glue is drying, sort all of your cracker goodies into piles..one for each cracker. It makes the cracker stuffing go much faster.

Tie one of the tube with ribbon, stuff with the goodies, then tie the other end closed.

so pretty! some people decorate the outside ornately, but I leave mine pretty simple. To pop them, reach in either end, grasp the ends of the cracker snap and PULL! then tear open, wear your crown, and enjoy your goodies. Don't forget to read your riddle!

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