Christmas Gift: Magnetic Play Tray...Salvador Dali-Style

I set out to make a magnet play tray set thinking it would be a breeze. It totally wasn't. It was the hardest gift I made, thanks to Mod Podge. I hate that stuff! I can't make anything look good with it, but I accomplished this, I think. After a lot of work and re-doing.  I got the idea HERE

I started off with a desert back ground from Saudi Aramco World magazine. I don't know if you've ever seen it but it has such beautiful pictures.

I added an Alaskan fisherman from another magazine, and a pic of the recipient in her Halloween costume.

and, some other random pics: a sailing ship, a palm tree, a camel rider artwork, the recipient and my William on a camel, a telephone, a vase of flowers

a pear, a candle, a tea kettle, a stove, a candelabra, and a bushel of peaches.

some treasure boxes

I hope she liked it! I loved making all the funky magnets, but making the tray was REALLY hard. I used a small cookie sheet, and spray painted it a pretty blue. Then I added the back ground picture with the Mod-Podge.


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