Ray Nasher's Mall: NorthPark Center

One of our favorite shopping malls is NorthPark Center. It has some great stores, but one the best things about it is the architecture and the artworks! Ray Nasher, in the 60's built this shopping mall and hired and architect (and then another, when that one died) to design a shopping mall that kept a sleek modern interior and used a bunch of natural light. Here's the Wikipedia Entry

The plants, ducks, and turtles really like the natural light.(and their heat lamp, lol)

The boys, and countless other children, love sliding down the curved base of this elevated planter.

"Hi, Mommy!" Neiman-Marcus is one of the mall's anchor stores. There's a Barney's, Macy's, and Nordstrom, too.

The best the natural light does, tho, in my opinion is showcase the many artworks throughout the mall.

This is William's favorite. He'll sit here watching for a bit.

Ray Nasher also founded the Nasher Sculpture Center in downtown Dallas and it features world class artworks in his collection, plus traveling exhibitions in a great garden atmosphere, plus modern indoor buildings. Here's another post about that.

In a couple places in the mall there are displays of Andy Warhol's work, a big favorite around here.

And, the displays at Anthropologie are always awesome.

On our way out, we stop at the candy store.

MMMM, yummy!

What a fun way for us to spend a cold Saturday morning! We're not big shoppers, but we LOVE the great atmosphere and enjoy the fountains and artworks, and the boys really like the creative window displays. When you're in Dallas, check it out!


Julia said...

LOL-- this makes me laugh because we always made fun of NorthPark as the beautiful people mall. You are totally right about the amazing architecture and art, though.

Jacki said...

LOL, that's hilarious! At the hour we go to mall, there are never any "beautiful people", just moms/families with strollers, and tourists. It's so convenient- less than 5 miles from the house. I hope you won't judge me. ;)

Mrs. Bianca said...

Well, Jacki, you are there, so yes, it filled with beautiful people. :D

I love that mall when it isn't crowded. It has many of my favorite stores like Paper Source and Lush. I always wondered about the architecture! Thanks for sharing.

Jonna said...

Love Aldous's shirt!

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