Our Trip to the Nasher Sculpture Center

The Nasher Sculpture Center has an event on the first Saturday of every month called Target First Saturdays. (sponsored by Target....giggle). We go to this nearly every month. There a bunch of activities, and we have such great weather here, it's just nice to get outside.

We always take the McKinney Avenue Trolley to anything that's within walking distance of one of it's stops. We walk to this one, near Cole and Blackburn, from our house, maybe a half mile.

By the time we got to the trolley stop from our house, Aldous was asleep. We left the house a bit after his weekday nap time, and quickly succumbed to the comfort of the Ergo.

William sees the trolley coming!! He's saying "woo, woo" here.

Yay!!! although this looks suspiciously like cheeseface....hmmmm.

We board the trolley and William wigs out because he thought for a moment that the door opening device was the mechanism that activates the trolley's whistle. He's recently developed a fear of this, so it was sort of big deal.

See him checking it out??

Here we are! A view of our ride, after we disembarked.

The trolly stops on the corner near the DMA, so we walk past it on the way to the Nasher.

Ooooh, a new fancy sign with a map!! Great for tourists and suburbanites, and people who have lived in Dallas for more than 10 years and still don't know where anything is (not naming names...)

Hurray! Our destination. Directly across the street, (to my right, in the picture) is the Trammell & Margaret Crow Collection of Asian Art, which is ALWAYS free, and houses an incredible collection of Asian Art and frequently has fascinating exhibits. The last one I saw there was a pop artist of Japanese heritage and it ROCKED!!! I recommend it.

There's no flash photography inside, so we skipped that part, but William brought along his "passport" and got a special prize for having come to the first Saturday event so many times, and having his passport stamped!! He was pretty excited!!

We were heading outside to do a treasure hunt game provided to us. It's a large sheet of paper with four different artworks in closeup shots, and you are to try to identify them by artist and title. Because they are such intense closeups, you really have to look carefully to find them. When you complete it, you turn it in for a prize.

On our way outside, we encountered this sign.

The people in the below pictures obviously didn't see the sign. hmmmm.

This is such a beautiful sculpture garden. So peaceful, and the sounds of the nearby highways and streets are totally masked by the landscaping and water features.

Back inside for a craft project. The concept of this project was beyond William so he just glued stuff to his paper. He really loves this part of the trip!!

Running to show daddy his work

So proud!!!

Aldous being silly.

Where to go to lunch?? Hmmmm, lemme look at my phone for the closest restaurants. We eat in the museum cafe sometimes, but it ends up costing $30 for sandwiches. Ok once in a while, but we were up for something different. Well, they were. I was happy with my BLT at the cafe.

We find a place to go, and head out, William smacking each post with his new toy as we pass. Yay!!

Carmine's Pizzeria!! Pizza by the slice! *edited: our 4 slices of pizza and two sodas was $14

As we chose our seat, William noticed a candy machine and asked me for money. I don't know where he learned this, b/c I'm certain I've not bought him candy from a machine like this, EVER.

Our pizza comes, hot and delicious, and I eat a great deal of mine before I remember to take a picture. oops.

Doug is always up for a sexy pose in his hoodie.


Aldous likes pizza, too. He ate almost a full slice!

When William finished, I got him a handful of the candy from the machine. It was surprisingly fresh.

Home at last, with the new artwork in the place of honor.


Dina said...

fun day!! it never looks like anyone else uses the trolley in your pics. and are you talking about me not knowing my way around?? LOL

p.s. we would love to join you next month - I will have the girls the first weekend.

Jill and Mike said...

Looks like a fun day. Carmines pizza makes me hungry!!

meshell said...

I'm embarrassed to admit that I've lived here for almost 5 years now and have still never been to the DMA or the Nasher, nor have I ever ridden the trolley. One of these days...


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