Finally, I can share!!!

Terah and I have been working on this stuff, but couldn't share it until our friend had her baby shower!!

FINALLY, it was today, and here are all the goodies we made!

Two pair of wool longies, w/ yoga waists! No drawstring or elastic!

Two BIG receiving blankets (for swaddling) made out of my favorite flannel.

Two baby gowns, out of light-weight thermal.

Two fitted diapers, w/ sock frogs!! ha ha!! One in light green sherpa, the other in flannel.

Two all-in-one diapers, the purple one with velour inside, and the white with terry.

And here's the loot, all wrapped up!! I didn't have a big bag, so I used three small ones, and put tiny pretty ribbon on them!!

The fancy picture, from the side.

Hurray!! Finally I can share!!


Katrina Marie said...

You're so crafty! I LOVE the gowns. Where did y'all get that thermal? Y'all did an amazing job and I'm sure she was on happy momma-to-be.

Melissa said...

Those are all AWESOME! I am insanely jealous of your talent! :)

Jacki said...

The white/black skulls I got from Jo-Ann, but the gray punk thermal I got from another mom on Sewing Mamas.

Alison said...

Wow, what fabulous gifts! I can't wait to see the baby-to-be modeling these soon!


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