State Fair of Texas, 2010! the first two trips, so far.

 Jacob's sheep. Sheep with two sets of horns.

There have actually been three trips in our family, but I didn't go for one of them. But there will be more! At least two next week! We take the DART light rail, either blue line or red line, from City Place Station to Pearl Station, the from Pearl, take the Green Line (to MLK) to Fair Park Station. It's a fast and easy jaunt, usually. On my second trip, with Terah and her kids, they had added extra Green Line trains, so there was one every 10 minutes, rather than the usual 20.

Big Tex!! Both boys love Big Tex, and Big Tex was one of the first words Aldous could say. That's us below him.

No trip to the state fair is complete without a corny dog. 

Aldous LOVES corny dogs!

Doug and William had pizza. I had a corny dog, like Aldous.

Doug and William

After a bit of lunch, we went to check out the rides. William wanted to ride the airplane first, because he remembered it so fondly from last year, when he rode it with Terah.

Both boys wanted to ride the ATVs.

This is Aldous' first ride, EVER!!

Aldous loved seeing the sites! 

We checked out the petting zoo. My resourceful children figured out that they could scoop up spilled animal food from the floor to feed the goats, thus saving me $$$$. Thoughtful, they are, too.

Dread sheep. Well, really, Jacob's Sheep. They have two sets of horns.

The oreo cookie cow.

And, the yearly pic in front of the weird mural.

This year, the train display wasn't around the base of Big Tex. This year it's in this huge greenhouse. 

The boys were very impressed.

Some fancy pumpkins.

Taking a lemonade break. William will kill for a glass of lemonade.

Aldous enjoying lemonade, too, while Audrey is displeased with her cup of water.

A couple more rides....the alligator! Too bumpy for Aldous.

The boys rode the ATVs again, Aldous driving this time! 

The boys also rode the motorcycles, right next to this ride, but Aldous cried so I didn't get any pics. He's still complaining about those scary, bumpy, motorcycles!! 

We went to the car show (weird lighting), and William fell in love with this Mustang.

We love the State Fair!!


Sarah @ Maison Boheme said...

What a fabulous day! I really want to go to the fair, but I'm a little hesitant to take nine week old baby... but dangit... I want a corny dog!

Nicole said...

Darn, we didn't realize the train was just relocated. Gunnar was bummed it wasn't around Big Tex. We should have done more investigating!

Mrs. Bianca said...

This is great! We are hoping to go tomorrow afternoon/evening. How many tickets were the rides? I'm trying to budget for Mari.

Jacki said...

Sarah: Terah took Rosemary this year, and I took Aldous back when he was brand new. We just kept them in the wrap. :)

Bianca: most of the baby rides were 7 tickets, and I think they're cheaper on Tuesday. The midway opens at Noon, so don't go over there too early. We also went to the Children's Aquarium (free for Dallas Zoo members) but didn't get any pics. it opens at 10am.


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