More of Doug's New Shirt, and Two New Owly Wardrobes!

I shared this shirt a post or two ago, but I didn't have time to take good pics of it because Doug wore it to work the next day and wrinkled it all up! So, I got some more pics of it when it came back from the cleaners.
This is a Kwik Sew pattern I've used before, in a cotton stretch pique I bought at Fabric.com for a $2ish/yd.

Close up of the shell buttons that are costing us more to have laundered and pressed. No broken buttons anymore, though!
 top-stitching. This is what makes a home made shirt not look so home made. Any garment without top-stitching is going to look amateurish (unless it's something that doesn't require top-stitching...I don't know what that would be, but there might be something). It improves both the appearance AND the durability of the seams.
 and more....
 and more...

I have been SUPER busy with William's school uniforms, but I finally got some sewing done for my granddaughters. This first wardrobe is for Rosemary: two body suits, a pair of striped cotton pants, and a pair of panne velvet footy pants.  Body suits and footy pants are numbers 1 and 6, from Ottobre 5/2006, striped pants are Kwik Sew's Sewing for Baby. All fabric from JoAnn Fabrics.
 Also for Rosemary: a tiny green fleece jacket with owl applique, and little cord dress. The jacket is from New Conceptions Baby Essentials.
 Close up. Oh WOW!! There's top-stitching here, too! **wink, wink**

This owl dress is for Audrey!  Both owl dresses are #5, Cilla Dress, from Ottobre  6/2008, fabric from JoAnn Fabrics.

Two shirred-front tops, #3 Elly Raglan Sleeve Blouse, from Ottobre 6/2008. I did the sleeves differently on each. That coverstitch machine comes in handy!!

And two pairs of pants for Audrey: the striped is from the vintage Kwik Sew's Sewing for Toddlers. It's very slim and shaped, and has flared leg and side seams. The second is from the current Kwik Sews Sewing for Toddlers, out of the panne velvet. 

 Please take time to note the perfectly matched stripes on these pants. I'm very proud of them!

 All of the snaps used for these are from KAMsnaps.com. If you need snaps, check this place out. It has wonderful prices and customer service.


Michelle said...

Nice work! Which Ottobre is the owl dress from?

Mrs. Bianca said...

lovely as always. you need a special label!

Jacki said...

I updated the post to include Ottobre issues and pattern numbers, and added a braggy pic about the matching stripes. :)


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