Doug's new shirt, a tiny boy shirt, and some mushroom pjs!

I finally finished this shirt for Doug, from Kwik Sew 3422. It's a great pattern!!
We have a problem with the cleaners breaking buttons, and on the last shirt I made I used shell buttons. They charged more to clean it, but....no broken buttons! I put shell on these, because those are the only neutral buttons I have in quantity, but I'm not sure whether I like paying extra at the cleaners. Altho, I won't have to replace many buttons, either. Hmmmm, what a quandary.

This a UFO. I made it for a friend's baby but didn't get it done before I went to visit her. And, it doesn't have any pants. So, I have this stray baby shirt, but at least it's done now! From a friend's vintage Kwik Sew pattern that I traced. No instructions either.

Then, after being up all night, I whipped this up for another friend's daughter's birthday. It's from Simplicity 9853. This is a BRILLIANT pattern!! It's super practical and goes together quickly. My main problem with flannel pajama patterns is that they are either gowns that take up a billion yards of fabric and require 15 feet of gathering, or they're too fussy with buttons up the front or zippers in the back. I used to make my girls some simple raglan gowns of flannel with knit neckbands and cuffs. They fit FOREVER; first as long-sleeved, mid-calf length. As the girls grew they became more like over-sized tees, but still great for nightgowns. I loved them.

This is a two piece flannel pajama pattern as practical as my gown pattern and I LOVE it!! Having a knit neckband and cuffs eliminates fasteners of any kinds, and cuts back on the use of excessive amounts of fabric.
 I made the size 1 and used less than two yards, and it went together SO quickly! I serged it together, then hemmed and top-stitched with my coverstitch machine.

Up next, A NEW BABY!!


Michelle said...

Love those PJs! I have some flannel I want to use for pajamas for E. Care to share the pattern you used?

Jacki said...

I *DID*!! LOL! It's simplicity 9853. it's from 2001 and it's out of print. I got mine on eBay last week and there were BILLIONS to choose from, so you shouldn't have any trouble finding it. make sure you check the sizes offered as there are several.

Nicole said...

PJ'S are really cute. I bet the mushrooms are even more adorable in person. Love that sweet little robot wrap top.


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