A Walk to School with William, and School Pasta Dinner

William got his first homework assignment last week, and in order to set the best possible example, we finished it up at 8pm Sunday night (due Monday)

He was sent home with this big poster thing. I tried to ask him the questions so he could answer them, but he didn't seem to understand the answer, or thought the answer was on the paper and kept telling me what he saw. So, I had to write down the questions, and put the paper away for a while. We figured it out eventually.  I also discovered my kid can't draw. He drew these, but it was super difficult and I had to draw each piece on MY paper for him to emulate there on his homework. It was painful.

Here it is in all of it's glory. I hope I get an "A".

We walk to school most days, and Monday was no exception. William's lunch box came Friday and he was excited about using it! He put his backpack on, and while I had offered to carry his lunch for him, he opted to carry it himself.

Like this. All the way to school

That lunchbox is REALLY neat. I got it from Sears during their free shipping Labor Day sale. It's very roomy and the outside is 600 denier nylon...practically bullet-proof! They have a lot of designs to choose from and it seems they are on sale everywhere for about $13. Here's a store with a good selection, and you can get matching nap-mats and backpacks, too. William's is the one with the dinosaurs on it.

After all of the storms we had last week, followed by the heat, mushrooms are popping up everywhere! We saw these gigantic yellow ones on the way to school, at Cole Park.

William's school's PTA hosted a back-to-school Pasta Dinner. Pretty yummy!! We had pasta with meat sauce, salad (good salad!), bread and cookies.

Delicious dinner, and a lovely walk home. Fall weather is here!

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JDaniel4's Mom said...

What a great week! I don't think I am ready for my son to eat spaghetti out in public yet.


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