Turner Falls Park, Davis, Oklahoma

So, a friend of mine and I got new tents just recently and plotted a camping trip. She invited along some other friends of hers who had been camping before, too. We decided on Turner Falls, which was exciting to me because I had never been there!!

We all went to Commerce on Thursday to get our camping stuff out of storage, but Doug forgot to give me the key. Boo! So, we at lunch at Molina's, picked up a few things at Commerce Hardware and Feed (& Lumber,now, too!), then went to the local Wal-Mart to get the rest of my camping supplies. I met up w/ Terah and Audrey and we met up with Amanda for lunch and we all went together around town. it was REALLY fun!!

William and Aldous tried on cowboy hats in the kids' western attire section. There were some awesome rockabilly-like shirts over there...I was SO tempted!!

Here's William's sexy cowboy look. His dad has been teaching him his modeling moves.

Aldous is just silly.

We headed out on Friday morning, not very early, either, and got there around 2. My friend was already there, with the other family due in an hour or so. Doug was in Tallahassee, so it was just the boys and I Friday night.

this is what the drive looks like. the whole way. somewhere out there is a park with waterfalls. REALLY!!

It was pretty hot, especially the first day. We got used to it quickly but William thought he was going to die. Wal-mart sells these battery-operated fans that are AWESOME!!!! They were great in the tent because they kept it from being stuffy and provided a great white noise. I paid $10 for the large one at the Commerce Wal-mart, but they're between $12-14 everywhere else. They take EIGHT d-batteries, too. Worth it, tho, totally worth it!! We also got a ton of use from those Clorox wipes, too.

This is my friend's husband, who was VERY tired in this pic because he didn't sleep well the first night. Poor guy. In the background is my $25 Aldi tent, which sleeps 3, it says. I figured that was the right size for our family because I'm the biggest one.

Aldous made a couple new friends. William made a couple new enemies with his shrieking, crying and dirt throwing. **sigh**

The ergo was a life saver!!! I had nowhere near enough hands to keep up with William's antics AND deal with Aldous. Aldous was pretty darn happy about this solution, tho. Here he is in ANOTHER hat!!

The first night was a bit rough because the boys BOTH were very, very dirty and needed to be rinsed off before even setting foot in the tent! And they were both super tired and difficult. I walked them down to the shower, waited in line for our turn, then put them in. For some reason, William FREAKED OUT about the shower! We only shower at home, with no bathtub, so I don't know WHAT the problem was, but he was protesting loudly! he was super dirty tho and dirt was just running off of him in the shower so I persevered until he was clean. His screaming scared Aldous tho, who started crying loudly. Luckily, my friend could hear the howling and came to our rescue and took naked clean Aldous back to the campsite in a towel. I wrangled sandals and his backpack onto William and gave him his paci and he walked back naked to the tent. It was pretty funny!! They both went to sleep pretty quickly after that.  Altho with all of his tantrums that day I ended up with broken sunglasses. :(

The next morning, after breakfast, we went on a short hike down a nearby path. Doug arrived shortly after that, YAY!!! and we headed to the river to swim. There are so many cool places to swim on that river, as small pools formed in the rocks. It was so neat!!!

We drove around and found the place where the waterfalls were and hung out there for a couple of hours. The water was so nice and clean!!

We had a nice shady spot under a tree.

My friend and her family

Elton John. Thankfully, I had brought two pairs of sunglasses. These ones survive still.

The boys took their showers more quietly that night, and went to sleep easily. Most of the grown-ups stayed up and played cards. We all packed up after breakfast and headed home. Great fun!!

This park is really big, and it wasn't as crowded as I thought it would be for a weekend, but it was too crowded for me. Also, the campsites aren't separated from one another and are just sort of willy-nilly. There was also a bunch of litter. The closest shower to where we were was a one-stall thing with a shower and toilet. They were together so no one go use the toilet while someone else was showering, thus resulting in a crazy long line. There were port-a-potties, too, tho. I also thought the price was a bit high. It was 12.50 per car per night, plus $10 per person per night. Just the boys and I cost $50 and they didn't even count as people! When Doug came up he had to pay $25, so for the whole two nights camping it was $75. It WAS really beautiful, tho, and I may ago in the fall, during the week. There was too much "excitement" on the weekends to suit me.


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