My new catch phrase...

ok..not so much a catch phrase as a new, all encompassing diss to anyone I don't like.
are you ready??

"She has a big ass and rainbow earrings"

On the train station on the way home last night after dinner, a teenager was talking about another girl on the train who had been sitting by them, and by her account, was talking about everyone on the train. Her rage at this girl and her disparaging remarks about the other train passengers led to a highly charged diatribe by the other girl, who was talking to her boyfriend and another girl. It was the LONGEST sentence full of insults I had ever heard, and her description of the girl in question started out as "She had a big ass and rainbow earrings" and continued on from there including a thorough and disparaging description of all of her clothing and accessories, her hair and body type and her actions on the train. All in one sentence. John Steinbeck would have been proud.

1 comment:

Bettina said...

I love it! What a great diss. Might have to use that one sometime.


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