A ring sling and some really bad pics

I CANNOT take pics of myself w/ my own camera!!! I missed the MySpace class where they teach you to do that.

In any case, I made a ring sling for Terah and Audrey. This fabric was once a table cloth for her blessingway just a little over a year ago. I used the Maya Wrap ring sling instructions. Why the heck does that company call their ring sling the Maya Wrap?? A wrap is a different kind of carrier, and it's certainly not a ring sling. Weird.

I am aware that I did not thread the rings neatly, but Aldous' nap was over and I was in a hurry to get this done and posted before I had to start making dinner. (Aimee, please quiet your pets and stop slamming your door...you are TOTALLY grating on my nerves today).

Those are sort of OK, but the next ones of Aldous are cute-ish


I was actually trying to get a picture of his BUTT sitting in it, but I couldn't angle the camera correctly.

Anyway, I do like the sling! It's a light, crinkly gauzy cotton; perfect for this hot Texas weather. Well, in the summers, I mean. It's actually been a bit cold here lately.


Sarah @ Maison Boheme said...

Just beautiful! I love the gauzy fabric. Perfect for spring and summer.

Katrina Marie said...

Love it. Was it difficult to make? Well would it be difficult for a beginner?

meshell said...

Love the fabric, especially that it was upcycled from her blessingway!

Where did you get the rings?

Jacki said...

Anyone could make one, K, they really are easy!!
Michelle, I got the rings at the feed store, the purveyor of all high fashion sewing notions. ;)

The thing about the fabric is funny bc I just used a couple of fabrics I had multiple yards of to drape the tables....I didn't hem them or anything. LOL!!


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