Father's Day, and my first 5K

So, this Father's Day was a bit unusual. We had grilled two huge steaks.

We had the expected asparagus and mashed potatoes with this. and for dessert we had Pachiugo. Pretty good meal!
Here's Doug grilling his steak. I think these were the best yet! They were close to 2"thick, and cooked perfectly....almost burned on the outside, nice and red on the inside...delish!

Doug got some great presents and cards.

William couldn't be persuaded to wear pants, and he was super excited to give Doug the gift he had made him at school. He brought it home on Wednesday and asked everyday when Doug could open it. 

This was the cutest pic ever!! I have no idea what they must have done to get such a cute expression (and cooperation) from him.

 William admiring his gift again, now that it's open. Aldous and I went in together on a Ben Sherman wallet.

The start to our father's day, sadly, wasn't breakfast in bed for Doug, as I was up at 5:30 getting ready for my first 5K race, which started at 7:30. I got up early enough to have two cups of coffee and do some stretches and get my stuff all organized. I also made a pot of steel cut oats for the boys' breakfast.
 I had laid out all of the boys' clothes and shoes the night before so Doug wouldn't have too much trouble in the morning getting them ready. He did manage to get to the race by 7:30 but I was already lined up by then. Thankfully, Terah, Mike and Audrey were there early to hold my keys for me. 

This was my race number, and I made the green sign for my back. Lots of people wished me good luck and gave me advice and encouragement during the race (as they passed me...***hhurrrummphhh**)

Here I am (waving idiotically) just out of the gate.

Doug and the boys waiting for me to run by.

 And look, there I am!! 50 yds before that I had been walking, but I ran **super duper fast** for the last 1/10 of a mile.

A great action shot by Terah!

Here I am, receiving my trophy, for 3rd place in the Athena division! (females over 150lbs). I checked my times against my age division and I would have gotten 4th there, no trophy.

Hurray! I'm so proud of myself!!

 That was the best father's day I'd ever had! Thanks to Doug for trekking out to the race to watch me on his special day!


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