Family Day at Jo's!

After our morning in Smithville, we all met up at my sister Jo's house for a big meal and some family fun!! WOOT!! The boys were a bit hot and tired, but that didn't stop William. As soon as we were out of the car, William headed straight for the fountains in Jo's front yard.

For a minute we all stand and yell at him to get out, as if he would EVER listen. 

 Aldous was a bit grumpy from the heat and being woken up from his little nap.

 Mom decided to try getting William out of the water. With six kids, she's a pro.

 Sadly, William knows his game and wasn't buying it. Mom had to admit defeat.

 I had to DRAG him out of the water.....he was soaked from head to toe, so I threw his clothes in the dryer.

 William and Aldous had a great time playing with all of Jo's toys.

 They also had a wonderful time with their cousins.

I think William and Cheyenne are best friends. William asks all the time if we can go to Cheyenne's house.

 Jo herding my kids around.

 William looking for trouble. Joshua and Lily are plotting something, probably revenge against William since he looks like he more than his fair share of the flashlights.
I think mom must be talking about William.

 Aunt Jackie enjoying the feast!

Aldous enjoying some of Bonnie's peanut butter pie.

Cha and Bud finished up their boating exam early, so they got to come, too! Near the end, tho. And I didn't get a picture of Bud. :( 

 All the women, and Aldous. Such a  ladies' man!!
Bonnie, mom, Jo El, Me, Aldous and Jo

 In this one, Jo, Bonnie, Butch, me, Uncle Sherwood,and Mom in front.

 Bud and Jo El's kids: Casey, Lily, Mandolin, Lindsey and Joshua!

 Mom and Butch

 Here's Aldous and his harem again: Bonnie, Mom, Jo El, Me, Aldous and Jo

 Pretty Lindsey.

The sibs and Sherwood again, plus mom

 Me and Bonnie

Me and mom

 Mom, in expectation that Jo and I would be misbehaving for this pic, misbehaved herself. However, Jo and I were perfectly cooperative.

 Here we are again, with Mom cracking up at herself. :) I'm amazed at how much Jo and I look alike. We didn't look anything alike growing up, I don't think.

 Aldous and I were just here. This picture is mainly about the generations: Mom, her daughter Bonnie, Bonnie's daughter Roni, and Roni's daughter Cheyenne.

Uncle Sherwood! He's pretty popular with us all. A good guy!!

We had a great day, and the boys were exhausted. They took a long, late nap, then we headed to Bonnie and Cha's for Cha's yummy clam stew.

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