UFO sightings...

I had a bunch of bibs cut out and lingering in my UFO (UnFinished Objects) pile for some time, and decided to put them together last week. I added snaps to these, although I usually use the awesome colored hook/loop tape from Very Baby. They don't carry pink, purple, or any decent blues and greens...arg!! Anyway, I digress.
Here are toddler bibs in Raggedy Ann and Andy, the Michael Miller fabric, some jungle print, and bacon and eggs.

I also like to buy vintage nursery prints and I found this one on eBay a few years ago. It's REALLY weird, and I used it on these snapped toddler bibs.

Stinky likes to help out.

These are all infant bibs: I had TEN cut out of these! WHEW!!! I have cool robots and ice cream sundaes fabric, a couple in a neat paisley, and all the rest are vintage fabrics, including one nursery print.

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