My Family Birthday and a recipe!!

I realize this is the third post about my birthday this year, so perhaps I will avoid posting about the other two birthday celebrations. :) I had a little get-together at my house for family, and was lucky enough to invite my sister and her family to join us, since she's just moved 30 minutes away (after being like 6 hours away FOREVER!!)

Boring pics, only family will love!!

Me, yacking it up!!

Alexander (my nephew) and William playing with some silly glasses.

The whole gang! well, mostly. Terah, Mikey and Audrey on the couch, and Carey and Evelyn on the floor.

Aldous and his cousin Zachary.

Aldous checking the birthday cake: Almost done!!

Alexander and both boys. They LOVED playing with their cousins!!

Alexander and William playing ball outside.

Baby Audrey!

Me and sweet Audrey!! <3

The chow line!! At the head, Evelyn, then Carey's daughter Ashley, and then her friend Raven.

Singing happy birthday and blowing out the candles. 20 years old, can you believe it??

Some of the food: spice cake with cream cheese frosting, grapes and strawberries, and french fries.

barbeque grilled chicken, salad with special dressing, made up at the last second. Shared below.

The roasted vegetables, before roasting. We also had rolls, which didn't get in any of the pictures.

Terah and Audrey

Me with all the babies and

Mikey, Aldous and Doug tending the grill.

Mikey and Audrey

Doug, with Ashley and Raven in the back ground.

Motley Crew (or Crue?? I dunno...)

More cooking!!!

Silly William!!

mmmm, yummy cake!!

Zachary and Audrey

Jacki's Birthday Salad Dressing

1/2c evoo,

1/4c canola,

1/2c balsamic vinegar,

1/4c raspberry jam (seedless, of course),

1T Dijon mustard,

sea salt and black pepper

combine in blender until emulsified. YUM!! Keeps well w/o separating.


Anonymous said...

dressing was good-but the veggies!!! omg they were sooo very good!! everyone said so on the way home! brittany would have been cautious IF she even tried them-but the boys don't care what food is available they will try it. even when they don't like things they eat it and say that was yuk. lol!! not the case with those veggies!!

Jacki said...

ha ha, Evelyn, I think I'm like your boys. I will eat anything, even if I don't like it. I'll just say I didn't like it after I'm full. I like to think that makes me more evolved than more selective members of our species, but I think in reality it just makes me a pig. :)

Dina said...

the dressing sounds yummy!

did you move furniture around? been too long since I have been over...hint hint

happy birthday...again...and again! ;)


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