My hot hubby!! AND, Stuff I made today: a gray gown, a star hoodie, and a pillowcase.

Take that, Beth!!! :)

Stash game is TOMORROW!!!!!! I need to order all my diapers fabrics tonight so I don't lose points during September's game. WOOT!!! WOOT!!!!
I'm trying to finish up a couple of things on my table (but why, when I have a closet full of UFOs??) before the game starts.

First up is a pillow case by Emily's request. I'll try to get that packaged up tomorrow.

Another (and the last, in this fabric) baby gown. Notice mine don't have elastic at the hem?? What in the heck is that FOR anyway??? I love gowns for newborns, and for my babies in winter. They are so cozy in their gowns and wool pants for sleeping.

I made Aldous this nifty hoodie for his birthday pics. I'm probably going to applique a guitar on the front, but for now I'm calling it done. It's made from the Kwik Sew for Toddlers book/patterns. I lined the hood and did all the others "fancy" stuff w/o the book...I just made it up, cuz I'm CRAZY like that. I love this hoodie, and of course, Aldous.

Another obsessive block structure by William.

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meshell said...

I adore that star hoodie! I want one for myself!


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