Embroidered Gowns, William "fixes" my Sewing Machine, and A Few Funny Pics of the Boys

I'm loving these condensed versions of my life as I try to catch up from my few days off from blogging.

First are these hand-embroidered gowns, for a baby shower gift for my friend. They are made from flour sack fabric that I got in a five-pack of one-yard squares!! Perfect!!! The gown is self-drafted and only in a size 12 mths-ish. Obviously, a raglan sleeve can be worn for a wider range of sizes.

The embroidery designs are from Jenny Hart's book, Sublime Stitching. I adore Jenny Hart!! I saw her at Maker Faire in Austin a couple of years ago, and I was so star-struck, I couldn't even go to her booth to buy anything until she was gone. How dumb is that??

I wrapped them up in green tissue, and tied it with some pretty ribbon.

Then I stuck the package inside this pink gift bag and made a matching bow.

I also made this gift tag from a box and some fleece rick-rack trim.

Viola!! I think it's pretty!!

William "fixes" my sewing machine.

Quite frequently, William escapes from my sight and runs off to do the devil's work with his idle hands. One day, he was gone long enough to tinker with my sewing machine.
When I went into my sewing room, and sat down to my machine, I noticed the empty bobbin storage box to my left.
When I saw that empty box, my heart just stopped, because I just KNEW that somewhere was a tangle of bobbin thread waiting for me to wrestle it. However, a quick perusal didn't show them in my drawer, on the floor, or on the table...hmmmm, a mystery!!

I also noticed that the top thread had been undone, and the end was somewhere inside my machine, so I opened it up in order to get it. ACK!!!!
This is where all of my bobbins were!!

Not only were there about 10 bobbins shoved into this area, my spindle for my second spool of thread was in there, too!!! I'm glad I looked in here before starting up my machine!

And, last but not least,
Funny Pics of the Boys!!!
These were pics worth sharing but with no blog worth story attached (in my opinion).

Aldous, sound asleep, still in the ergo carrier. We love this carrier, by the way, and I recommend it!!!
I also warn people against purchasing a baby bjorn. They are a waste of money.

Here is my block master, William, with yet another of his building block masterpieces. There is a new one every week and I can't quite keep up!!

Also, there is a bi-monthly coffee creamer masterpiece as well, accompanied here by the cheeseface. Notice he has taken my coffee mug to fill up with creamer?? In reality, I use only 3 teaspoons of creamer in my coffee, not an overflowing mug-full.


Goosegirl said...

The little gown is just lovely. I love the the embroidery and can only imagine the snuggly baby who will grace this gown.

I love your idea of the little card too. Great idea!

But my heart took a serious drop when I saw the bobbins shoved in the machine. I am SO GLAD you looked inside before you started to sew!
Good thing the kids are cute, right?

meshell said...

EEEK to the bobbins! Although I do think the idea of William doing the devil's work is rather hilarious!

Chrystyna said...

I absolutely adore the gowns, but you already know that! Haha! They're beautiful. Great job!

Jonna said...

wow, those gowns are amazing jacki!! love all the pics!!


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