Stain Soak Recipe

My most requested recipe is my SUPER STAIN SOAK!!!!

This removes: stains on diapers, food and breastmilk/spit-stains, blood, some mildew (may have to do a second soak), grease, regular ol' dirt and mud, kid markers, kid paint, mystery stains, and stains from stored clothing items. If you soak an item and the stain **mostly** comes out, just soak it again and the remainder may come out. It's worth a try.

 Does not remove: permanent marker, acrylic or latex paint, nail polish.

 IMPORTANT: read the instructions. read the instructions. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!

1c. Purex 2 powder (sold next to the Clorox 2 and Biz, in a box about $3 or less)

1c. Dishwasher Powder (I use generic, $2 per box)

5 gal bucket. (if your bucket is 2 or 3 gal, use 1/2 c of the above powders)

*Put powders in bucket.
*Add the hottest tap water you have to bucket.
*Add stained clothes.
*Ignore until next washing day (up to a week), but add more stained things to the bucket as you come across them.
*Dump the entire contents of the bucket (soapy water AND clothes) into the washer.
*Wash, w/o adding more soap, of course.
*Before drying, inspect stuff and throw back into the bucket for round two (I rarely have a round two)

*** Use caution when soaking items w/ bright red or navy blue trim as they may bleed. All other stuff is fine.
FOR HE users: wring out soaked items, discard soaking water. Do not add more soap to your machine. Wash as usual.

RANT: (you knew one was coming, right?)
For around $5 you can make at least 10 batches of Super Stain Soak, which works better than ANY stain remover I have tried on the market today, and I'm pretty sure I've tried them all! I mean, I have five kids!!

Oxi clean laundry stain remover is more than $5 for 24 oz
Spray and Wash is $4 for 22oz

That's crazy!


Mrs. Bianca said...

Thank you! You are amazing!! I've spent a small fortune on Spray & Wash and Oxyclean and sometimes the stains still don't come out.

Question, though, does it matter what kind of bucket? Tin or plastic, I mean?

Jacki said...

I only have plastic, so I dunno!! I use an old paint bucket. :)

Mrs. Bianca said...

Ok, I'm trying this out, but failed to find Purex 2 at the 4 stores I tried (Kroger, Market Street, Albertsons, and Dollar Tree). Instead, I'm just using a generic color safe bleach that was around the same price point as the Purex. We'll see how it goes.

Jacki said...

Bianca, ANY color safe bleach powder will work, I just stress finding Purex 2 b/c it's the cheapest. I don't shop at any of the stores you mentioned, but at Wal-Mart it's usually near the other color safe bleaches, but on a shelf REALLY high, or REALLY low, or behind a display or a pole. Most stores prefer for you to buy their more expensive products. :) Stinkers!

momtofatdogs said...

Can I use it in an HE washer when I dump it?


Jacki said...

I would wring out the clothes by hand, and put them in the washer in your case. Don't add more soap. Dump the bucket in the sink. The soaking bucket has too much soap for HE, I think. I don't know for certain as I have a regular washing machine.

momtofatdogs said...

Thanks - I am glad I asked! I only got an HE washer becasue my dryer died. Prince Charming caved to the pouting when I told him I just couldn't live with a mismatched set....I didn't even think about wrining them out though. I thought about setting up a soaking bucket for my daughter. That grandson of mine finds anything - or rather it seems everything finds him. 'Course it does not help that she won't put a bib on him....Ugh! Home come I'm not smart yet? Oh Yeh...that's right! It's because Im her mom.

Thanks Jacki!

Jennifer said...

Will this take out breastmilk/spitup stains?

Jacki said...

@Jennifer, yes.

njgmom11 said...

Thanks Jacki,
We use cloth kitchen towels and somehow hubby gets them sooooo
grubby. This works great on them. Also some of his "treasures" have really old stains on them. Even that checkered apron I gave you went into it. I have a double wash tub sink by my washer in the basement and keep a bucket in one of them! Genius must run in the family... LOL


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