Today's Sewing, and musings about my thread....

In case you're reading this, Doug I want a camera for my birthday.
Our old camera is just falling apart, won't auto-focus and the button is so hard to push down now that I miss a bunch of pics. I'm so embarrassed by it, I never take pics of the kids with it away from home. It's awful. So if you're wondering why I have such terrible pics, that's why.

First, about my thread. I have a lot of thread, even tho I use only a few colors. People give me stuff, I buy lots of estate sale sewing items and other stuff I have no idea where it comes from.
I've been on a mission lately to use up a lot of the colors I rarely use, but it's hard!!

I have my thread divided into warm colors and cool colors.
The cool colors get to be on the rack, even tho I have no where to hang it. I think I'm not supposed to put any holes in the wall, so I store this inconveniently on a shelf.

All of the warm colors and neutrals (black, brown, gray, and white) all get to live in a drawer. This is also sort of inconvenient because I have to pick them up to look at them closely.

You can see on here how old some of these fine threads are, from wal-mart at 20 cents and less...

And these spools are so kindly photogenic even if they are inconvenient, and old.

This is mostly white thread and other colors I don't have room for. I'm trying to use these up.

I love estate and yard sales for sewing notions purchases. So much of my ric-rac and bias tape comes from them, as well as buttons, zippers, hooks and eyes and sew-in snaps. I can't say that I've used a sew-in snap, though, since I sewed my last barbie outfit back in the 70's. Obviously, you can find patterns and fabric, too.

I want a camera for my birthday!!!

Also, I have a lot of bobbins. *sigh* William spills these at least weekly. I hate them.
These are my Janome bobbins. well, all the ones that are actually in the case. There are probably 5 or 6 free-range bobbins in my sewing room.

These are my Singer and Good-for-nuthin' bobbins. I think they're left over from a few of the brothers and super old singers that passed through my life.

Today's ROTD (romper-of-the-day) is the Owl-i-romper made of the kumquat owls. I'm not thrilled with this fabric so I "wasted" it on a practice romper.

I also used some of my estate sale thread for this outfit. Look!! It's on a wooden spool!!!
I have a bag full of empty spools I don't know what to do with. The art teacher in me can't throw them away, but the no-longer-an- art teacher in me doesn't know what to do with them.

Aldous modeling the new romper. It has GREEN snaps. I only have size 20 which are bit large for kids clothes.
I want a camera for my birthday!!!

Hurray!!! I love new clothes!!!

Funny face!!!

More clapping!! Yay for Mommy!!

I also put together another peasant top today, but William was too cranky to model it for me. I had to do it myself, in another one of those crappy mirror pics with my broke-down camera.
I want a camera for my birthday!!!

I was sewing downstairs for a bit, so the boys could be more comfortable and play with their toys.

Aldous, being adorable!

but was soon bored by my sewing. So was William, he fell asleep, too! Hurray!!!

I want a camera for my birthday!!!


Helen said...

I love you. You're hilarious. Do you know that? I also love the top and, of course, the adorable Aldous.

Katrina Marie said...

LOL. Love your camera messages. :) And Aldous is ADORABLE!

Jamie McLaughlin said...

That boy is so stinkin cute. I don't know how you keep from eating his cheeks right off. (ok that sounds much grosser than it did in my head)

Goosegirl said...

Cute pics!! I hope you get your camera for your birthday. My birthday is on Wednesday and I got a pink camera last year. This year I want to get my new logo and labels made.

Happy birthday, whenever it is! i hope you get that camera!


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