An "Artwork" Critique

I rarely refer to children's creations as artworks, because I describe an artwork as being purposeful, and most young children are not terribly purposeful with the use and application of the materials. Mostly, they are just experimenting w/ how it works, and generally enjoying the free licence to make a mess!!

This is William's picture. He made this in Mother's Day Out. Don't ya just LOVE themed crafts?? tee hee!!
Anyway, I saw everyone's attempt at this project, so I'm inclined to believe William's attempts were indeed purposeful.
They used stamps to place the red stars and glue, then glittered the glue.
Most of his classmates had placed the stars all on top each other and some were so clumped up that they were indistinguishable from one another. In other words, it looked like the teacher showed them the supplies and said "make this", and that's what they did.

William's stars, both glittered and stamped, are specifically placed to take up most of the negative space, with the most dynamic stars, the glittered ones, are arranged in a diagonal. The diagonal composition is pretty typically employed by artists to keep the eye moving throughout and artwork. I would think this is accidental, except that he's done exactly this same thing on two-dimensional things he's made. Now, hopefully, he's not really colorblind or he'll be stuck forever making his creations from glitter and stamps.

Anyway, there it is!!

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