I hate my neighbor, and other short stories.

My neighbor, Aimee (who I hope is reading this) is super-irresponsible with her dog. She NEVER walks her dog. EVER!!! She either opens the front door and lets him pee in the walk we share with the other townhouse complex owners, OR she opens her garage door and lets him out. Usually, he comes flying out of the garage, full of energy, and barking at me and the boys as we try to get in our car. Did I mention how much I love dogs?? oh YEAH, it's because I totally DON'T like dogs...In any case, her dog frequently runs to the hedges right next to our garage to pee, so each day when we leave the garage, we are great with the delightful fragrance of dog urine. Yesterday was little changed, except it seemed more potent than usual. As I approached my jeep, I saw why.
Thank you, Aimee, for the gifts you bring to life. And if I see you on the street, I'm kicking your ass.

On to other, more joyous things, such as skutting naked. I can't imagine this is comfy, but he seems happy!

And even more fun and challenging than skuuting in the buff, is wearing TWO pairs of crocs at once!!! Now, WHO wouldn't pass up this opportunity!! One pair is uber-comfy, so TWO must be extraordinary!! See, how the doubling up on the shoes allows for tv viewing in divine comfort??

And the pleasure of the multiple shoes adds immense enjoyment to the eating of strawberries taken illicitly from the refrigerator...

And the Independence Day Haute Couture, modeled by babies.


StacieG said...

Amiee...what a bitch! I'll kick her ass with you! ;)

Meighan said...

you should send William over to poop on her doorstep.


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