Hardley Funny

yes, I spelled that correctly. That's the name of some family friend of my Facebook friend, who isn't really my friend but was a classmate in 5th grade. I don't really remember much about this guy except once when we were in line waiting to go into class, he was picking his teeth. He found a few things, some of which were a tomato seeds and a popcorn kernel.

I was looking thru his pictures on facebook and came across this beauty.

My "friend" is the gigantic man on the right. What was funny about this pic is not my friend, but the kind of store they're in (racing equipment, maybe??) but that the little girl's name is HARDLEY!!!!

I thought that was hilarious. So I sent it to Doug, and told him to notice the kind of store they might be in and mentioned that they lived in Maine.
Here is what Doug said: (brace yourself)

"Yessir, this one right here saved my life last Friday when I done get in an wreck. I was drunker than hell!"

If you see a guy wearing a helmet while driving his Ford F-150, you may want to steer clear of that truck.

And Maine is right next to New Hampshire where the motto is, "Live free or die!" So if living in a state where wearing a gun while picking up a beer at a drive through liquor store is not free enough, Maine just might be your final destination.

I love you, Doug.

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