Planning the Easter Dinner and making Easter Eggs.

Today we dyed Easter eggs using silk neckties. We got the idea from Martha Stewart, although, hers turned out much better.
Martha Stewart's Silk-Tie Easter Eggs
Here are ours.

Our menu this year for our Easter Dinner:
Roast Chicken
Mashed Potatoes (and stuffing, I know, but Doug ALWAYS wants them)
Oreo Cookie Pie (from a BOX *gasp*)

I bought the chicken today, and made the rolls already.
Tomorrow we're prom-dress shopping, so I won't have time to do much towards the dinner. Luckily it's pretty simple.
I have already washed the table cloth, place mats and napkins, but I don't think the napkins are getting starched this year. I did fix a white basket with Easter grass and ceramic eggs for the table, though!
I highly recommend that Oreo Cookie Pie. It's incredibly good. It has a chocolate cookie crust, and then a filling that tastes EXACTLY like the filling of an Oreo cookie!!! It's UNBELIEVABLE!!!
I love it so much, and it will be the perfect dessert to have on a day when breakfast is boiled eggs and Easter candy.

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Dawn Endres said...

Neat Craft! I Can't Wait To See Yours! Great Menu. I'm Gonna Have To Try That Pie! mmm!


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