My pet peeves are amassing....

I'm STILL annoyed at the misuse of the words "gender" vs. "sex".
GENDER is on the outside, SEX is biological!!! Unless your fetus is clothed and using accessories, and has a big sign, YOU WON'T KNOW the gender at the ultrasound. Instead, you will discover the sex, which is identified by particular male or female body parts.

It's NOT that hard to grasp, I didn't think.

I think I saw a lovely illustration of how gender and sex are different in a toy catalog. They offered dolls for sale. You could chose the gender, but not the sex. That is, they would dress the doll as either a boy or a girl, but the PHYSICAL BODY didn't change. It had NO sex, but did have gender.

I hate people who write "alot" instead of "a lot"...is it REALLY that much work to type an extra space?
Another is "ya'll" instead of "y'all". The word is a contraction of "you all", not "ya will". I believe NO extra effort is needed to put the apostrophe in the correct place.

Okay, I'm done for the day. Maybe. ;)

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