Easter Festvities! WOOT!

Early morning Easter baskets....Everyone got a homemade bunny, courtesy of the Cashmere Bunny Tutorial. Only the blue bunny is actually cashmere, however. These are Emily's and Terah's baskets.

This is William's basket with a green bunny.

And Amanda's basket and lavender bunny. It looks pinkish here, but it's not so much.

We had to wake William up and BEG him to come see his Easter Basket.....he REALLY wanted to sleep but it was 8 am and he needed to get up and get ready for church.

He hadn't ever had more than a bite or two of candy before, and while he thought the stuff in his basket was COOL, he didn't try to eat it. I couldn't have THAT so I poked a jelly bean into his mouth. Suddenly, he was interested and he excitedly grabbed a fistful of candy and shoved it all in his mouth. YUM!!!!

Next was the church Easter Egg Hunt, which was preceded by the church Easter Breakfast. It was so good. I'm sure I ate my weight in breakfast meat.

At the Easter Egg hunt, I was pleased to see that William was as stylish as his friend Connor, both sporting patchwork Madras plaid. Seen here are Doug and my friend Jill, imitating the gorilla walk. I think Doug's is better, personally.

More gorilla walking, by Amanda, Doug...and Jill way in the back. William had practiced hunting Easter eggs, but he was so good at it that he knew they opened up and contained goodies, so each egg he "found" he immediately opened then shoved the treat into his mouth, wrapper and all. Here Doug and Amanda are trying to convince him to relinquish his still-foil-wrapped find.

More gorilla walking. Judging from the appearance of the other parents, Doug is the only one still walking like that. He may be stuck, like Fred Flintstone. Emily supervises from the right. She was fresh in from the Houston Stock Show and Rodeo and was resplendent in western garb, including her fancy honorable mention belt buckle.

My cutie William!! He's probably running away with foil-wrapped candy in his mouth.

AND finally, here's our super-yummy Easter dinner. We had roast chicken, stuffing, mashed potatoes, rolls, gravy, and asparagus. We also had Oreo Cookie Pie for dessert, which was a BIG hit. With all the girls, William and Doug feasting, there was very little leftover!

And, to top off the wonderfulness of this day, Doug VOLUNTARILY did all the dishes and kitchen clean up!!! I LOVE him!

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Dawn Endres said...

How Fun! Dinner looks yummy! Looks like a great Easter!


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