Sewing: Uniform Pants for Stash Game

Ahh, stash game...will my dear readers never tire of the endless posts of stash game offerings?

Here's a pair of uniform pants for William, who starts Pre-K this week! His school requires uniforms and while he had three pair from last year, one pair was not willing to be let out to long enough. Oops!

This is the Fishsticks Inside or Out Pocket Pants.

These pockets are nice. I wanted to top-stitch the waistband but was undecided about whether to stitch below the seam or above. I would live it to be below, so the seam is sewn flat to the inside of the pants, but then I'd have to sew over so much. Bleck.

I put fancy pockets on the back.

I used buttons and button holes on the flaps. Free buttons from my Aunt Hilda! I love this sewing pattern because it made a great fitting (altho short!) pair of pants, with far fewer steps than the ones I chose to make last year. These went together VERY quickly!!

Here are last year's pants, all hemmed up. I doubt these will last more than a month, and I'm hoping they are still the right length when it's actually cool enough to wear pants rather than shorts to school. We'll see!

thanks for looking! I haven't been very productive for stash game, so maybe the posting won't get TOO crazy. **Maybe.**

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