Sewing: More Stash Game Pants, Modeled!

Yes, again, here are more pants. Do I only sew boys' pants? It sure seems like it!

These are for Aldous, who is asleep. I can't do anything I like unless I lose sleep doing it. Anyone else live like that? uggg, frustrating! Anyway, it's his size in the Fishsticks Inside or Out Pocket Pants.

How cute are these pockets??

This fabric is a lightweight corduroy from JoAnn Fabrics a couple years back. William had an outfit from this fabric back when he was a baby, and this was what was left from that.

Buttoned pockets again. I love how these look!

I'm so excited about these pants, and so is Aldous! He's been waiting for me to finish them....stash game sewing is going super slowly this year.

Added 9/8/11 930 am! Action shots!

If you haven't been to Sewing Mamas forums, check it out! a lot of friendly people, free patterns, and wonderful community. And, the twice yearly Stash Game contest is SO much fun!

and, a new cheese face!


Mrs. Bianca said...

I wanted to participate in stash game, but quickly realized that I wouldn't have time. That and the purpose is to use up your stash, not buy new fabric...which is what I was going to do. ha ha! I love those button pockets! Very stylish!

Jacki said...

I actually don't have time this year, either. But, at least I'm not buying more fabric, even if I'm not sewing up much.


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