Sewing: Aldous Fancy Pants

Doug's been coaching him on his modeling.

Yes, even MORE pants (Aldous had NO pants for fall/winter, so he's getting a lot of pants this Stash Game).
The wonderful FishSticks Inside or Out Pocket Pants, again, in a fabulous wool plaid, a remnant from Golden D'or.

This is the cheeseface.

I said "show me the pockets!".

He wanted me to take a pic specifically of him making this face.


the pants: super fine light weight wool from Golden D'or. I bought this remnant during one of their sales when I had a coupon. I think I paid about $2 for the piece. There wasn't a big enough piece for me to totally match the plaid, but the fronts match each other as do the backs. The sides don't match, and I purposefully cut the pockets, trim and waistband on the bias.

Fancy star buttons, from my Aunt Hilda.

Thanks for looking! I have two more pairs of pants for Aldous to make, plus a dance outfit. He's been wearing a size 2 dance pants and a white undershirt. The pants are SO short! After that, I'll work on some shirts, and I have a tunic to cut out for myself. Thanks for hanging in there, readers, during the trying days of Stash Game. 


Mrs. Bianca said...

OMG....those pants are so freakin' adorable! I wish you had some leftover fabric so I could make Mari a skirt! These are awesome!! Lovin' his posing too! Work it, Aldous, work it!

Michelle said...

Both the kid and the pants are super freaking cute! Totally missing Golden D'or now too.

Julia said...

Oh, I love these!

ddawsonb said...

Nice pants Jacki and the pictures are priceless!


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