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Ok, it's not about sewing. It's about sewing patterns, of which I have 300+ of the little envelopes is various boxes and cabinets in a major disarray. When I feel like sewing, I can spend HOURS going thru the patterns picking what I want. It doesn't have to take hours, though, and I can't wait for them to be properly organized.

Anyway, a while back I saw this cool pattern organizing system, a search-able database, discussed on Angry Chicken.. it's called Pattern File. What's cool about this is that it has relevant-to-sewing data fields, places to enter your own tags (I put "jacki" on a lot of patterns I intend to use for myself), and you can add plenty of pictures, so I used this to add pics of things I had made already with this pattern. This is especially useful for recording which shirt I had made for my husband with which pattern....I always forget which pattern I used, what changes I made,  what I might do next time, etc. I love this feature!

With subscription, the auto-fill magically fills in the scans of the fronts and backs plus some info. THIS feature is incredible. I have more than 300 patterns, the majority of which are vintage, so while they have SOME vintage patterns in their database, most of them available for auto-fill are the more recent patterns. Just since I've had it, 3 months or so, the vintage database has really improved. So far I have almost half of my enveloped patterns cataloged! and, I barely ever work on it. If you have a bunch of patterns, this is a super way to keep track of them...there is even a "location" field, to speed up your finding it once you decide you need it! AMAZING!!
Another review here

You can find PatternFile here, and on Facebook. Check it out!

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