A Friday Field Trip: Lakewood Park and recent fun trip highlights.

A couple weeks ago when I had taken the boys to play at the lake, we passed by this large park with a nice playground and made a vow to return, and we did! It's Lakewood Park, 7142 Williamson, Dallas. It has a drinking fountain, but no bathroom or port-a-potty. The bathroom area of White Rock Lake is right down the street tho.

It's below street level a bit, and both places to park require a bit of a (pleasant) walk to the play area and tables.

From where we parked we crossed a bridge over this slow creek.

The playground was pretty big!!

It had some equipment the boys hadn't seen before.

There was a very tall slide! William loved this!! Aldous didn't try it.

William enjoyed all of the "big kid" features on the equipment. Because, when you're 4 years old, you're a big kid. I did overhear him telling some other kids that he was 5.

 William met a kid named Max, and they immediately noticed one another's sandals, because they were the same kind, just different colors.

Aldous enjoyed the "big kid" challenges, too.

William LOVED this! it's a bit tricky.

The centipede. Max said it was an ant, and couldn't be persuaded to change his opinion.

this park has some sneaky squirrels. See the one on the right edge of the bench?

Sneak, sneak, sneak.

Got it! He jumped off the bench with it about the same time as the women noticed, but I missed the pic, the women were too fast! He did keep a bit of the brownie tho.

He just moved to the next bench to eat it!

Aldous driving. First, it was a big boat. Then it was a train. Then, it was a fast car. Too fast! He ran into a tree, and it stopped his tire.

Here he is fixing the tire.

I found this fluffy hair clip. I left it for the next person.

Time for a snack.

After a good while on the playground we set out to see the rest of the park.

Creepy tree roots.

a railroad trestle on abandoned tracks. The boys were super interested in this.

The walk back was long, and the boys were ready for lunch.

 This sidewalk is a long path that heads back into the woods, I suppose to the lake.
 William found a bug.

finally lunch time!!

The sneaky gang of squirrels join us!

 As we packed up to leave, and I was loading Aldous into the ergo, William snapped these pics of me!!

A few more places we've been lately:

The McKinney Ave Trolley with our friends Henry and Holly.

To the Dallas Museum of Art.

To Fountain Plaza in downtown Dallas.

To William's Dance recital (with Ms. Sheryl, his teacher)

and to the spray ground at Ridgewood.

Busy Summer!!


christene said...

so glad you are enjoying the parks in the part of town where i lived for five years and never saw you. :::| (eye roll)

Jacki said...

ha! I didn't know about any of them until last year, and William was still too much trouble to take anywhere very often. Doug knows NOTHING about where anything is in Dallas...he may as well be a new-comer, altho he's been here since '94. I spent the first 2 yrs trying to find stuff. The City of Dallas has NO useful info on their parks website. The list them, but don't say which ones have playgrounds. It's the most pathetic city website I've seen, especially when compared to Fort Worth's awesome website!


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