A Friday Field Trip: Museum of Nature and Science, Chinasaurs!

The Museum of Nature and Science has a new exhibit called Chinasaurs, (dinosaurs from China) so we headed out last week to see it! These women with trains of toddlers cracked me up, and made me feel thankful I just had my two to contend with.

There were a bunch of school kids there, but I guessed they were there for the main exhibits, not the new one. and, I guessed correctly: the Chinasaurs exhibit was empty!

School buses as far as the eye can see!

Cute William.

Look! This Friday Field tip is guest-starring Amy, Blake and Eli.

One of the many Chinasaur skeletons.

A model of an embryonic dino in its egg.
 More skeletons

And, the high-speed milling about begins.

Amy explains to the boys that they are about to get a dose of that taser in her hand. (just kidding, I have no idea what she has)
 William wonders if he can touch this, as he's touching it. He can. There are a quite a few fossils and models the kids can touch and pick up.

More touchy-feely. With Aldous being a strange/cute on the right.
 Short stuff Aldous takes a turn.

There were several animated dino models, too.

It's  a small exhibit, and the boys flew through it at warp speed, so we headed outside for some more play and our lunch. But not before Amy stocked up Capri Sun. William looks sad  because I made him put his back.

Sitting ducks.

The bronze woolly mammoth
 Playing on the lagoon paths.
 Blake, before he got brave enough to fall in.

These had a lot of bees on them.

Lunch with friends.

Checking out a few more things around fair park.

Crashing through the underbrush.

William made a big "garden"

Aldous beat a giant stick against the ground. A lot.

When Aldous got tired he got in the stroller and asked to be buckled in.

They had some more mammoth fun on the way out.

Eli practiced his circus stunts, then we headed home!

That's all folks! For Museum of Nature and Science members, the Chinasaur exhibit is $1 for any age. If you're not a member, it's $5 each plus the cost of your admission (between $7 and $10). This exhibit will be there until September 5.

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